Why choose a Venice carpenter in Venice?

Choose a carpenter who is a native of Venice, who is familiar with the city, its issues related to climate, materials and housing conformation, is an added value if you are looking to buy a home in Venice or put one up for rent..

Throughout the year you will need to have a person, a firm of reference in the city to take care of your home, in case of extraordinary maintenance related to damage, moisture and other typical factors that characterize Venice.

You will also find that you need a carpenter to make a particular piece of furniture, which can perfectly fit the structure of your home.

In this article you will gain a better understanding of why it is so important to have a landmark in town such as a craftsman dedicated to your home.

Why choose an artisan for your home?

The proverb says "He who finds a friend finds a treasure," we tell you that "He who finds a craftsman finds a treasure." Choosing an artisan, a company such as Cuogo Carpentry, who will take care of your home is important:

  • To be able to customize many technical aspects related to furniture and more, of your home
  • For advice and a lasting relationship with a craftsman who cares about the maintenance of your home.
  • Because it is synonymous with exclusivity, with experience in the field for many years.
  • Because it knows how to listen to your needs, how to give you the best advice, and how to provide comprehensive care.

Why do you need a carpenter in Venice?

Venice is a unique city in the world, and very often, its problems are also unique. 

Deciding to hire a carpenter in Venice is the surest way to ensure that the maintenance or renovation work on your property is done in a workmanlike manner, thanks to experience and the ability to work under difficult conditions.


What are the problems you face in having a house in Venice?

If you decide to buy a house in Venice or rent one, know that you will have to deal with:

  • Moisture, which compromises wooden structures and furnishings
  • High Tide, which bulges upholstery and doorways
  • Sloping walls and floors, which require specially designed solutions

Cuogo Carpentry has been dealing with these types of problems for years, typical of the climate and the
Venice's peculiar condition as a "city on water." 

Very often we have had to deal with fixtures and entrance coverings dating back thirty, forty or even a hundred years, and thanks to our experience we have been able to restore them, without altering their structure, but making them look as good as new.

Fighting high water and humidity in Venice

Two of the most common problems For homeowners in Venice, including those who own a home that has been converted into a tourist rental, are high water and the resulting humidity.

In a lagoon city like Venice, it is normal for these to be considered problems for those who live there. Water pressure and seepage are damaging, altering and swelling the wood of house doors, which, as a result, can no longer close.

In these years with the loss of craft skills, fixtures and interior decoration of houses in Venice happen to be now built with industrial and cheaper materials. Choosing an artisan with years of tradition behind him or her therefore means guaranteeing a top-notch renovation or construction that allows you to spend, so you can save later. 

Choose a Venice carpenter for your custom furniture in Venice

Choosing a Venice carpenter craftsman who is familiar with the area, has worked closely with the city for years, and knows its characteristics, makes it possible to have a high level of labor. The Venice carpenter works not only on renovations or building structures for buildings, but is also an expert in custom fixtures and furniture.

Having a home in Venice also means having to buy furniture that is almost exclusively handcrafted. In fact, furniture made by large chain or wholesale furniture stores very often fails to fit the conformation of homes in Venice.

Cuogo Carpentry creates custom-made furniture that is functional for the environment in which it will later be placed, which is why the joinery operates according to these stages:

  • View beforehand with an inspection of the room where the furniture will later be installed.
  • Understands the purpose and uses of furniture.
  • Observes whether there are any obstacles (electrical outlets, uneven floors, uneven wall structures, etc.).
  • Proceeds to create the cabinet
  • Install the custom-made furniture in its intended environment, making the appropriate
    adjustments as needed.

Having custom furniture built is synonymous with uniqueness and luxury. To choose a carpenter craftsman is to guarantee accurate and effectively customized work suited to the particular structural characteristics of houses in Venice.

Choose a Venice carpentry shop for your home

Cuogo Carpentry is very careful:

  • To the quality of the work performed
  • To the enhancement of the environments of your home in Venice
  • To the uniqueness of the environments
  • To the functionality of custom furniture
  • To the proper treatment of the materials it processes

If you are planning to buy a house in Venice or you already own one, you can count on the professionalism of our carpentry company to renovate some of its rooms, fixtures and to create your own custom-made furniture, functional to the environment in which you wish to place it.

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