Custom-made furniture in Venice: 5 useful tips for choosing the right ones for your needs

When you want to furnish at home, especially in a city like Venice, thinking about custom-made furniture is the best way to meet not only your personal needs, but also those of a city full of houses with unique and special structures.

Choosing custom-made furniture accessories means opting for quality furniture that can create a unique, elegant and luxurious environment.

At Cuogo Carpentry, we know how important it is for wood furniture to bring out the qualities of the room and also fit perfectly into floors with unevenness, such as those typical of homes in Venice.

In this article you will therefore find out:

What custom-made furniture means

Making custom furniture does not mean, as you may mistakenly think, creating a piece of furniture from scratch according to the features you prefer.

To create a custom piece of furniture, means to build something that fits the place, the area where you want to place it..

When one chooses mass-produced furniture, one opts for a piece of furniture created equal to another in a production that, very often, is industrial. 

Making custom furniture for us artisans means making something that meets the needs of the client and the space in which they want to place it.

Customization of this type of furniture can therefore have a significance:

  • Dimensional, meeting the needs of the space
  • Functional, meeting the customer's habits 

Choosing custom-made furniture means entrusting the craftsman to create an exclusive piece of furniture that will make the space in which it is placed even more unique.

Always remember that custom furniture can involve the entire interior design project, but it can also be limited to a room that has specific functional and space requirements.

Small rooms: choosing custom-made furniture

So you must have understood that custom-made furniture means making furniture complements that can have particular sizes or shapes that can fit the spaces in the house.

In Venice, too, there is, increasingly, this trend of shrinking apartments that therefore need more attention when it comes to choosing custom-made furniture.

Precisely for this reason, space-saving custom-made furniture has increasingly taken pride of place in the choice, combining aesthetics and functionality.

Some of the space-saving custom-made furniture that can be made include:

  • Storage bed: when the bedroom is not so large that we can have many shelves or cabinets where we can store our things, the bed with a storage unit placed on the bottom might be ideal.
  • Bridging cabinets: perfect for when the bedroom is not large enough to fit a large-sized closet. 
  • Storage benches: another way to get extra space is to have these special benches made that not only provide comfortable seating, but allow us to store many items inside.
  • Furniture for the crawl space or attic: these are two places that can have distinctive shapes. A custom piece of furniture will turn out to be perfect for inclusion in these areas.

Our 5 tips for choosing the right custom furniture for your home in Venice

Venice is a beautiful city, but it is also peculiar when it comes to needs involving the world of furniture. 

Being a city on the water, or rather on the Lagoon, a factor not to be forgotten when making custom furniture is the humidity and salt that, in the long run, seeps a bit everywhere.

For this reason, it is important, when choosing custom-made furniture, to take certain elements into account. Ecco quali.

1. Understand objective of the cabinet

When you choose a custom piece of furniture you have to do it consciously, knowing well where you want to place it and what its ultimate purpose will be.

In this way, the craftsman will be able to create a piece of furniture that will not only be aesthetically to your taste, but will also fit perfectly with your needs for space and use.

2. Study the size of the room well

Custom furniture cannot be made without knowing in detail the size of the room in which it will fit.

Having a floor plan of the room or taking measurements to the millimeter become two key points in creating your custom furniture.

This will also be useful in case, within the room, there are any sockets, doors or windows that may affect the size and shape of the cabinet

3. Make it serve to optimize space

The custom furniture you choose should be flexible and able to optimize the space available to you.

This is even more important if the room in which it will be placed is small. Always remember that a livable room in the house should not be a container of furniture, but should be a space in which every piece of furniture and accessory will be inserted in a balanced way.

So pay attention to the proportions of the custom-made furniture you choose to make in relation to the size of the living room by balancing positive (full) spaces from negative (empty) ones.

4. They must enhance the environment

Custom-made furniture is created not only out of necessity, but also because it can make a room unique and exclusive.

The quality that a craftsman can offer you in making this type of furnishing accessory is priceless, and you will be able to create a luxurious room that will leave every one of your guests speechless.

5. In Venice, they have to adapt to floors with unevenness

One of the characteristics of Venetian houses is that they mostly have floors with uneven
sometimes important, even within the same environment.

A mass-bought piece of furniture from large retail chains may not take into account this unique detail of the lagoon city and may therefore not be stable once placed on the floor of your home.

The custom-made furniture created by Cuogo Carpentry takes this uniqueness into account, creating a piece of furniture that will look stable and solid on any floor of a house in Venice.

Advantages of choosing custom-made furniture

Choosing custom-made furniture is not only about making something unique, but also about many other advantages. Among them:

  • Your custom-made furniture will never look out of proportion to the room.
  • They allow for harmonious and balanced compositions while taking into account the vital importance of empty spaces.
  • They allow you to choose furniture where attention to detail is absolutely crucial.
  • You can choose something that 100% reflects your lifestyle.
  • A custom piece of furniture always takes into account the logistics of fitting it into an environment
  • Have an environment customized to your needs.
  • Thanks to custom-made furniture, you can experience your home just as you always dreamed it would be.

Why choose custom furniture in Venice

Living in Venice puts before you a number of problems that only a company that has lived and worked in this city for many, many years can solve in a timely manner.

Cuogo Carpentry wants to offer you the best in quality, corresponding to your availability and lifestyle. 

Ours is a design that takes into account the uniqueness of Venice homes and creates custom furniture that will fit seamlessly into the space you wish to furnish.

Ask us for a quote and we will be able in no time to meet your needs to make your home in Venice a unique and elegant jewel.

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